Live Events

Saints of Sin/Charlie Raven Photography

Saints of Sin/Charlie Raven Photography

Front of House

As a performer you want to entrust your sound to someone who wants you to sound great. We're also musicians and that helps us to bring out the best in your sound.

We like working in venues of all shapes and sizes, from 100 capacity rooms to arenas, we'll be sure to make sure you sound great

Some of our equipment

Midas Pro Series digital consoles

Soundcraft GB4 analogue consoles

Yamaha LS9

Martin Audio/L'Acoustics/Ad Lib Audio

Shure/Sennheiser/AKG/Beyer Dynamic Microphones

Shure/Sennheiser In Ear Monitoring Systems

Clients AND SERVICES Include

You Me At Six - Monitor Engineer & Stage Crew

McCarthy & Stone - Conference PA and Sound Engineer Hire

Sofar Sounds - PA and Sound Engineer Hire, Live Multitrack mixing and mastering

Teddy Rocks Festival - Technical and Production Management

Cyrpus Rocks Festival - Stage Crew

Classic Rock Tours (Legends of Rock Festival) - Stage Crew

The Tivoli Theatre - PA and Sound Equipment Hire

The Barrington Theatre - PA and Sound Engineer Hire

Anvil Rock Bar - Sound Engineer and Maintenance Tech

The Four Horsemen Bar - Sound Engineer and Maintenance Tech

Rich Tea Productions - PA and Sound Engineer Hire

London Design Fair - Conference PA and Sound Engineer Hire


London Design Fair/RESn8

London Design Fair/RESn8

We get it

Conferences are a nerve-racking for even the most well rehearsed speaker, so the last thing you want is to be worrying whether or not your delegates can hear you.

We employ industry standard radio mics with enhanced antennae to make sure your mic doesn't drop out and you'll get heard.


The big open vastness that is a conference suite can often mean you're having to talk to someone who is a long way away, while keeping them engaged. 

Using line array systems by some of the worlds leading manufacturers, we can guarantee you'll be heard by your audience.

Luna Wilson Personal IEM Rack/RESn8

Luna Wilson Personal IEM Rack/RESn8


Whilst touring your act you need to make sure that your equipment is reliable. We know how important it is to have a quick turn around time for your stage set up and whether you are wishing for a personal In Ear Monitoring solution or a full flight worthy, light weight touring rig we can help.